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Friday, July 27, 2012

Joint Hog Feed this Sunday

The Joint is hosting their 20th Pre-Sturgis Hog Feed on Sunday, July 29th.  It's noon to 7pm with free food at 2pm.  I'm a big fan of The Joint and I've gone to the Hog Feed before and it gets a good turnout and who wouldn't want a free meal?  Don't worry, this event has nothing to do with H.O.G. (Harley Owner's Group).

Here are some blog posts with photos from when I attended in 2010:
Part 1 & Part 2

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Full Tilt Chopper Show 2012 - Part 4

Here's my last set of pics from the 2012 Full Tilt Chopper Show in St. Paul.

The paint and engraving on this shovelhead were awesome (not to mention the rest of it).

Here is another pair of shovelheads I really liked...

...and a few ironheads...

... a Triumph...

... and some panheads.

This particular panhead was my favorite bike of the day.

Full Tilt 2012 was awesome.  If the guys put on a 3rd show next year, GO!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Full Tilt Chopper Show 2012 - Part 3

More pics from the Full Tilt Chopper Show 2012...

I absolutely loved this shovelhead with the louvered gas tank.

There were lots of cool details on this hardtailed Sportster including the see-thru air cleaner cover.

I'll watch burnouts all day but I won't do one.  I think it's a waste of money to ruin & replace a tire and that it puts unnecessary wear and tear on your bike (motor, belt, etc.).  It also renders your bike unridable, which is never good unless you do a burnout in front of a place that changes tires.

This guy thinks differently.  He loves the art of the burnout and I'm sad to say I missed the one he did with his V-Rod but you can certainly appreciate how epic it must have been by what a mess the rear end of his bike is.  It left on a trailer.  I'm not a big fan of V-Rods but I will say that I love the horns above the headlight.

More Full Tilt photos to come...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Bearded Lady Pics Coming Soon

I still have quite a few Full Tilt pics to post from last weekend but I took nearly 250 photos at the 2012 Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show yesterday.  I was there for over 6 hours and had a really good time.  Great bikes, people, bikes, music, bikes, beer, and... oh yeah, bikes.  Sadly, I didn't win a tattooed piglet in a jar even though I really wanted one.  Maybe next year.  It will take a little time to sort through all the pics I took but look for a series of posts soon.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Full Tilt Chopper Show 2012 - Part 2

Here are more photos from the 2012 Full Tilt Chopper Show in St. Paul.

Another shot of my bike:

I like the purple paint on this Triumph:

The headlights on this blacked out Road Glide are cool. I'm usually not a fan of the giant front tire look but it works on this bike.

Awesome lacey shovel:

Very cool Japanese chopper:

This old Harley gets ridden all over town, which is awesome.  I want to know how many miles the owner puts on it a year because it seems like a lot.

Clean and shiny Triumph:

I'd like to know the story behind the hand on this Dyna LowRider.  Kinda creepy.

Lots more bikes to come.  Believe me, I took a bunch of photos...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Full Tilt Chopper Show 2012 - Part 1

The 2012 Full Tilt Chopper Show was this past Saturday at Tavern on the Avenue in St. Paul.  Full Tilt started last year but I was only able to attend briefly.  I was able to hang out a little longer this year but the heat was brutal.  Good thing there was cold beer and shade inside.

I rode my Sportster.

Inside there was live music.  While I was in there, Witchden was playing.  Heavy, loud, sludgy, growling rock.  Personally, I don't like growling vocals but the band sounded good.

Some really great bikes showed up and it's going to take quite a few posts to show all the bikes I liked so here we go...

If you made it down to the Rochester Bike Show this year or ever stop by the Donorcycles blog, you'll know this ironhead chopper.  It looks like a blast to ride.

Lots more bikes over the next few posts.  They won't disappoint.  Come on back!
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