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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 15

Outside the show, here is Jeff from Church of Choppers checking out a Sportster someone rode to the show.

I was surprised anyone actually rode to the show given we're talking about Milwaukee in the middle of February but a few people did.

I love this... the two things on the luggage rack: a rubber mallet and a spare battery.

At this point, the crowd was really dense and photo-taking was very difficult.

Here are some last photos from the show.

Really nice knucklehead:

This old bike had so many cool details:

After-party photos are next and then ice riding featuring this bike among many others:

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 14

If you didn't take a few thousand photos like I did, you could get a different kind of souvenir at the show.

Hey, I know this guy!

More Easyriders art:

Back to the bikes!

I love the sticker that says "it'll buff out".

Here are a few more photos of Tom Fugle's panhead.  It looks like he molded the frame from taffy, not metal.  It looks good in photos but it looks so much better in person.

One last post from the actual show is up next.
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