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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dark Along The River

I took an evening ride along the Mississippi River from Broadway Ave down to Minnehaha Falls today.  The sun had already set and it was getting dark.

This was my first time at Minnehaha Falls at night and I was surprised that they weren't lit up.  I had to play with the exposure settings on the camera to get a decent pic.

Franconia Sculpture Park

After riding Arcola Trail, I continued north.  There have been so many times on my way to Taylors Falls that I passed Franconia Sculpture Park but I never stopped.  Since spontaneity seemed to be the theme of the day, I pulled over to check it out.

This crane was for sale in front of the park (in case you happen to be in the market for one).

There are a ton of sculptures in the park and most are very large (the photos don't quite convey the scale).  The sculptures were much better than I thought they would be.  For some reason, I imagined the place was run by some crazy welder who owned a bunch of land and a junkyard who just liked making crazy stuff.  Maybe it is, but many of the pieces were very good.  I really enjoyed it and it seemed like a great place to bring family.

Art was being crafted on premises by a handful of people while I was there.  This artist was busy welding.

Here's a small sample of sculptures:

Even though I was practically there, I didn't bother actually going to Taylors Falls and headed back south instead.  I briefly stopped at Brookside Bar & Grill in Marine on St. Croix before heading home.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Arcola Trail

After leaving the Slice of Shoreview on Sunday, I continued north towards Taylors Falls.  Just north of Stillwater on MN-95 I pulled off at the scenic overlook and, through the power of a 10X optical zoom, got an interesting perspective on Lumberjack Days.

Riding along MN-95 between Stillwater and Taylors Falls, I always pass two signs for Arcola Trail so I assumed it must be a half circle but I've never ridden it.  That finally changed.

Here's a map - it's only 4 miles long and it's roughly 2/3 paved and 1/3 gravel.

View Larger Map

There is a really cool railroad bridge where the road transitions from paved to gravel.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slice of Shoreview 2010

This past Sunday I took a ride towards Taylors Falls.  Heading east along I-694, I noticed what looked like a classic car show and pulled off the interstate.  What I found was Slice of Shoreview.

The car show was just one part of Slice of Shoreview and there was a very small motorcycle show within it with a few cool bikes.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show 2010 - Part 5

Yes, more pictures from the 2010 Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show...

As promised, my second favorite bike was this Yamaha. It has a gold flake tank, yellow headlight, and looked great in the sun.

Check out this Sunbeam.  I like the headlight.

Foot clutch, hand shift.  Fenders are for sissies.

A great Ironhead.  The bubble shield is blue and goes perfectly with the helmet.

Hard-tailed Triumph.

Dyna springer.

Nice Shovel.

Great details.

Love this Sporty.

Don't touch the headlight.

And finally... a Shovelhead with a message.

When the Bearded Lady shows her hairy face in Northeast Minneapolis next year, GO!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show 2010 - Part 4

Yes, I have even more pics from the 2010 Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show...

While I revealed my favorite bike in Part 1, I'll save my second favorite for Part 5.  For now, just enjoy Part 4.  Part 4 consists of 4 pairs of bikes.

A pair of Triumphs...

A pair of Harley Shortsters (X-90s)...

A pair of Harley Sportsters...

Sweet speedo mod:

... and a pair of Ironheads...

I'll post the last set of pics tomorrow...
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