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Monday, January 22, 2018

Monkey Chop

If you've been following me over on Instagram you know I recently picked up two more late-70s Honda Z50s to add to my Evil Monkey (aka Snow Monkey in the winter).  One clearly caught fire so I call it the Toasted Monkey.  I'm rebuilding that one for my kids (and they're helping!).  The other was pretty much just a frame so it's a blank canvas for me that I'm calling the Monkey Chop.

It won't look exactly like this but here's a quick mock-up of the direction the Monkey Chop is going:

Now I just need to crank up this song in my garage to get motivated.  It's classic disco from 1979 and it's perfect!!!

Friday, December 22, 2017

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 5

Here are some choppers featured at the 2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  First up is Zack's panhead.

Bob's Evo and Panhead:

Mike's shovelhead:

Not sure who built these but these two bikes were cool.

I'll wrap it up with Eric's shovel.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 4

Would you believe that this is a Royal Enfield?

To provide a little contrast, here's their new Himalayan adventure bike:

Here are some photos of the stunt show on Sunday.

After the stunt show, I took my kids to hear Lisa Brouwer talk about her cross-country motorcycle trip, following the trail of the Avis & Effie Hotchkiss, mother and daughter, who did it on a Harley Silent Gray Fellow (with sidecar) about 100 years earlier.  My daughter thought Lisa's talk was the best part of the whole show.

Photos wrap up tomorrow.  Choppers ahead!
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