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Monday, July 28, 2014

Graffiti Series Part 21 - Sportster

I took a ride downtown Saturday night.  I wanted to ride along the river but ran into a ton of traffic and blocked off roads as I guess there was a fireworks show going on.  I cut over to Lyndale and took photos behind the Intermedia Arts building... again.  I love this spot and the ever changing graffiti murals make an excellent backdrop for photos.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Full Tilt Boogie 2014 - Part 9

To wrap up the Evo Sportsters at Full Tilt, here are mine and Scott's.

Scott's bike went by "project pink eye" for a while and later "droopy eye" and it probably has lots of other names too. Is it an homage to Then Came Bronson? I have no idea and never asked him that. I've never seen the show anyway. The color is hard to describe and was a bit of an accident as I understand it. It's sort of like hot pink meets fluorescent orange, but mostly orange. Regardless, I think the bike is very cool.

I think that's dirt on the tank.  Scott might have brought part of the commune with him to the show.

As I've said before, it's a shame it rained so much but it was still a fun day and I'm glad so many people brought their bikes out.

Overall, Full Tilt was awesome again.  This was the first year without live music so I hope they bring it back next year.  Hopefully the weather is a little less wet next year too.  It's a great time no matter what so, rain or shine, don't miss it!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Full Tilt Boogie 2014 - Part 8

Here are some of the Evo Sportsters that I spotted at the Full Tilt Chopper Show.  First up is one that lives up to the sticker on the oil tank.

Andy's bike:

Josh's bike:


Purple hardtail:


The rear suspension on this bike puts the sport back in Sportster:

Big ol' racing slick on this one.  I have no idea what the story was behind the tank sticker on the tank.

Yes it has rear suspension but the seat is a fraction of an inch thick and does not appear to contain any foam.

Not satisfied with the ample fuel capacity of your stock tank?  Dent both sides to achieve the limited range enjoyed by all the cool kids with their tiny narrow tanks.  It looks good but I wonder if this was done to perfectly good tank or if the tank was already dented and he made both sides match.

Two more Evos to go.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Full Tilt Boogie 2014 - Part 7

Sportsters were very well represented at Full Tilt 4.

We'll start with the ironheads.  I believe this one won an award:

Jarad's bike looked really good and I even managed to snag a couple of photos of him kickstarting it.  The crowd is mesmerized.

Black & White:

This bike has so many things going for it.

Swingarm chop:

This bike was filthy, greasy, appears to have possibly once caught on fire, and is all-around awesome.  Apparently, I'm not the only LadyHump fan in Minnesota.

The crazy fishtail exhaust might distract you from another cool detail on this bike which is what I'll call fork carving, as opposed to fork shaving ("Hold Tite").

Glad Jordan and his bike made it in safely.  It sounded like he had a pretty rough ride in the rain.

Evo Sportsters are next.
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