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Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 SCVR Round Barn Run

The 2012 St. Croix Valley Riders (SCVR) Round Barn Run is July 14th.  I did the run two years ago and it was a blast (check my Guide to Local Events page for blog posts about it).  Highly recommended!  Mark your calendars!

While you're at it, become a member of the SCVR - a great local organization supporting motorcyclist rights.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waiting for Spring

Think I'm going to order a few parts for some small winter projects.  More to come...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 Tickets to Give Away - 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show

UPDATE (1/22, 9pm):
All three tickets have been given away already.  You guys are fast!!!

Original post below...
The 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis is only two weeks away.  Get excited!  This will be my sixth year attending the show.

The first three people to e-mail me will get free admission!

One winner per e-mail / mailing address and one free admission per winner.  Just send me an e-mail saying you want a ticket and if you're one of the first three, I'll reply and get your mailing address.  I'll take care of the envelope & stamp.  It's that easy!

Act fast, the Minneapolis show is only two weeks away!  Note that the tickets are also good for the upcoming Chicago, Charlotte, and Daytona Beach shows too if you don't live in the Twin Cities.

Each ticket will be mailed the next business day after getting each winner's mailing address.  I promise to send them, but will not be responsible for delays or lost mail by the USPS.  E-mail soon to ensure you get your ticket in time!

Good luck!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Brave (or crazy) winter riders

For Minnesota, it's been unusually warm and dry this winter.  Today's high was 46!  While my bikes have been parked in my garage since Thanksgiving, I have seen three different people out riding over the past two days, each on two wheels, not three.

On Thursday, I saw a pair of cafe racers riding downtown and then I saw a bagger today while driving home.  My driveway still has patches of ice all over it and so do other areas that don't get much sun but all the main roads seem fine.  They might be a little crazier than I am but I really can't blame them.

Apparently eight bikes showed up to First Thursday at Dulono's yesterday.  Check out the Everyday Riding blog for details and photo evidence.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 25 of 2011

Now that it's 2012, it's time to take a look back at 25 of my favorite photos taken in 2011. They are in chronological order from oldest to newest.  Enjoy!

#25: Early mock-ups.  I changed a lot on the Sportster last winter.  This was an early mock up with the new tank and I think it looks awesome.  Keeping the tank raw steel would have looked badass but I am quite happy with the paint job I later added.
See the original full post here

#24: Ignition relocation.  It's one of those totally unnecessary mods that's cool for no good reason.  I was already doing a tank lift and wire tuck so why not, right?
See the original full post here

#23: Jason Britton stunting at the 2011 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  I'm not a big sportbike guy but I can appreciate the skill it takes to so masterfully control such powerful machines.  I saw Jason many times on TV but it was cool to see him live.
See the original full post here

#22: First ride of the season. Winter held on for a long time in early 2011 and I didn't get my first ride in until late in March.  You can still see plenty of snow but the roads were good.
See the original full post here

#21: The 2011 Donnie Smith Bike Show.  So many amazing bikes, it took 8 posts just to cover my favorites.
See the original full post here

#20: Spring Flood Run.  The Spring Flood Run was so freakin' cold this year!  Snow actually fell that morning and the turnout was the worst I've seen.  I still attended but had to be seriously layered up as I don't own any heated gear.
See the original full post here

#19: Rattlecan paintjob.  This was the first and only tank I have ever painted.  It's all done with rattlecan paint.  I love the way the lace panels and pinstripes turned out.  While it's certainly not perfect, I'm really, really proud of it.
See the original full post here

#18: Sportster Complete.  It took a lot longer than expected and I did more mods than I originally planned to, but in mid-May, the Sporty was back on the road and looking better than ever.
See the original full post hereThis post has a recap of all my winter mods

#17: Sportster at night. I love taking photos of my bikes in front of graffiti-style murals. This was one my favorites, taken in Uptown.
See the original full post here

#16: Lucas Square 8 Headlight. I got this light cheap, fixed it up, and (after a few failed attempts) made a bracket for it. It's not as big or bright as the stock headlight and it lacks a high-beam, but it rocks. It dramatically changed the whole look of the bike.
See the original full post here

#15: Riding to the DicE / Church of Choppers party in Iowa. This was my first big ride after all the changes I made to the Sporty. The seat was far from broken in and it hurt... a lot. The camping situation was far from ideal and was basically in a parking lot (also quite uncomfortable).  It didn't matter.  It was totally worth it.  What an awesome trip.  I used 14 posts to upload nearly 150 pics from it.
See the original full post here

#14: Tom Fugle's panhead. A mindblowing ride, as seen at the DicE / Church of Choppers party in Iowa.  It made my Sporty seem a lot more comfortable by comparison.  Look ma, no footpegs!  A true chopper in every sense of the word.
See the original full post here

#13: Show Class Magazine Issue One. I only subscribe to this magazine and DicE.
See the original full post here

#12: Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. Stopped by while in Ohio. Nice displays.  Quite a few Sporties (mostly XR750s).
See the original full post here

#11: Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freakshow. This photo is just too perfect. Complete brain meltdown at the sight of the awesomeness that lay before this kid.
See the original full post here

#10: Full Tilt Chopper Show. Wish I could have stayed longer but was just happy to stop by for a little bit.  Heard nothing but good things.  Hope they do it again in 2012.
See the original full post here

#9: I-35 Bridge. The blue lights under the new bridge look amazing.  You may remember the tragedy that happened when the old bridge collapsed in 2007.
See the original full post here

#8: SCVR Chili Feed. Such a good time. Beer, chili, music, camping.  Highly recommend.
See the original full post here

#7: Fall Flood Run. With a babysitter taking care of business at home, my wife and I got to actually enjoy the Fall Flood Run together on the Road King. The weather was so much better than the Spring run. It was a really great day on the bike.
See the original full post here

#6: Gunflint Trail. My dad rode my Road King and I rode my Sporty up to the Gunflint Trail for a few days of riding, fishing, and just hanging out. It was a fantastic trip. Here's a shot of me following my dad through one of the many curves on the trail.
See the original full post here

#5: First Place!!! I took the first place trophy in the "H-D Mild" class at Rad's Extra Sharp Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show. How fitting that my first-ever motorcycle trophy is shaped like cheese.
See the original full post here

#4: iPhone Apps. This shot is one of many I have taken and manipulated to give a slightly retro feel using my iPhone.  In which decade was this shot taken?
See the original full post here

#3: More Graffiti Art.  I got so many amazing shots of the Sportster this day.
See the original full post here

#2: Five years and 40,000 miles.  I hit a big milestone in November... my fifth year of riding.  I posted this shot of my Sportster taken just after I bought it, used but practically stock with only 8,000 miles on it.  It looks a lot different now.  Between my two bikes, I've ridden over 40K miles and counting.
See the original full post here

#1: Thanksgiving Ride. The winter has been unseasonably warm so far. My last of ride of the season was on Thanksgiving Day but I probably could have ridden a few times in December if I wanted to. We'll see how long this winter sticks around but I certainly hope it's not as long as last winter.
See the original full post here

Here's to even better times in 2012!  To see my top 25 of 2010, click here.
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