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Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 7

Right next to the stunt area at the 2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show, ZeroGravity had a few bikes set up.  While sportbikes aren't typically my thing, this ice bike really caught my eye and a few ZGirls were nice enough to pose next to it for me.

Speaking of stunt area, I watched the early performance of the XDL Street Jam featuring hometown favorite Aaron Twite (in red).

Expect nothing but amazing custom bikes for the last 3 posts.  Those posts will continue on Sunday as I'll likely be uploading a lot of photos to Instagram and Facebook live the Rochester Bike Show tomorrow.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 6

The Viking Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club both had big displays at the 2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

Turtle tank Sportster:

1949 Norton International:

Triumph Track Master:

I took a lot of photos of this 1971 BSA Lightning at various shows last year:

Check out how high the front fender sits off the tire on this 1950 BSA Bantam:

This 1921 Evans PowerCycle had a sign saying it might be the first moped.  I don't know the history of mopeds so I have no idea.

Vintage Japanese bikes:

1966 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer:

Crazy paint job.  It reminds a bit of a bowling ball.

Outside of the VJMC display, there were two other Japanese bikes that caught my eye and they were much more modern.  First up is this Hageman Motorcycles (formerly Doc's Chops) 2014 Star Motorcycles (Yamaha) Bolt 950.

The other was also a Star Motorcycles Bolt, but this time it is a Rooke Customs Street Tracker.

Four more posts to go so keep coming back!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 5

Triumph had a lot of cool bikes on display at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show but I was amazed to see Lowbrow Customs' Double Vision in person.  Double Vision is the dual-engine land speed race bike once named the Milwaukee Murderer.  "Double Vision" is a little more family-friendly I guess.

This 1955 Triumph T100 looked great and I love that style of speedo.

Triumph Thunderbird Storm Cafe Racer:

This Scrambler 900 looks like fun:

Bonneville Performance Street Tracker:

While not actually part of the Triumph display, this red and black Bonneville was featured by Progressive:

A mix of shiny and crusty old vintage bikes are up next.
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