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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Full Tilt Chopper Show 2012 - Part 1

The 2012 Full Tilt Chopper Show was this past Saturday at Tavern on the Avenue in St. Paul.  Full Tilt started last year but I was only able to attend briefly.  I was able to hang out a little longer this year but the heat was brutal.  Good thing there was cold beer and shade inside.

I rode my Sportster.

Inside there was live music.  While I was in there, Witchden was playing.  Heavy, loud, sludgy, growling rock.  Personally, I don't like growling vocals but the band sounded good.

Some really great bikes showed up and it's going to take quite a few posts to show all the bikes I liked so here we go...

If you made it down to the Rochester Bike Show this year or ever stop by the Donorcycles blog, you'll know this ironhead chopper.  It looks like a blast to ride.

Lots more bikes over the next few posts.  They won't disappoint.  Come on back!

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