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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Graffiti Series Part 10 - Sportster

Here is the same set of photos that I posted last time with different filters applied to each.  It's amazing what a huge difference a filter can make to the look and feel of a photo.  Of course, a great result still requires having great source material to work with and the Sportster in front of local graffiti art certainly fits the bill.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook - Suggestions Appreciated

So the Gophers And Cheese Facebook Page is up and running.  I gave Facebook a good 7 years just to ensure it wasn't a fad and finally decided to jump on the 800 million person bandwagon to see what the big deal is.

I am experimenting with NetworkedBlogs to automatically send blog posts from here to my Facebook page.  I am not sure whether there is a better way. The posts don't seem to be showing up in the News Feed so I'm also trying manually posting links. That seems like it may be a better option.

If you have any ideas of how to better connect a blog to Facebook, feedback for this site or the Facebook site, or if you just want to say hi, please comment on this post or post something on my Facebook wall.  You can always e-mail me too: gophersandcheese at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Graffiti Series Part 9 - Sportster

What do you get when you cross my Sporty with great graffiti art and apply a variety of filters on my iPhone?  You get some of my all-time favorite photos of my Sportster.  The photos were taken on Saturday at two different locations in downtown Minneapolis including the Intermedia Arts building.  I love the way these turned out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Posting to Facebook - First Attempt

This post serves two purposes.  First, it's a cool photo of my Sporty in front of graffiti art on the Intermedia Arts building, which is a small preview of tomorrow's post (get excited).  Second, I am trying to see whether I've configured things correctly to post directly to my new Gophers and Cheese Facebook page.  We'll see...

UPDATE: It worked!!!

Now On Facebook

Gophers And Cheese is now on Facebook!!!

Now I just need to figure out how (and honestly why) the hell to use it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Set of Wheels

A brand new set of four to be precise...

My wife and I traded in our 2002 Honda CR-V to get a brand new 2012 Subaru Outback.  It's awesome.  I really love it.  Last weekend was beautiful and the fall colors were peaking so both Saturday and Sunday we headed out to some of my favorite motorcycle roads to break the Outback in properly.

On Saturday we headed northeast to Taylors Falls and on Sunday we headed southeast to Maiden Rock and Welch.  The Subaru corners so much better than the Honda ever did.  We also hit three different Rustic Roads along the way (101, 103, & 51).

Rustic Road 103:

Maiden Rock, WI:

Rustic Road 51.  This one had 4 or 5 shallow water crossings.

Sunset on the very curvy road between between Welch and Vasa, MN:

Who would be crazy enough to take a brand new car down twisting, turning, filthy, dusty, muddy, dirty, and gravely roads through the woods and even cross a few streams? Apparently me, but I've done all those same roads on my motorcycles (except the water-crossing part - I'm not completely nuts).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Photo Fun

I got another photo editing app for my iPhone (BeFunky Pro).  It has more filters than Camera+ but not as many frames.  Both are relatively easy to use.  Anyway, I went back and played with one of the photos I took at the Houlton Drive-In back on October 2nd.  I added the text later using different software on my home computer.  Enjoy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

First Thursday - October 2011

October can be chilly in Minnesota but at 75 degrees and clear, the unseasonably warm weather made for an outstanding turnout for First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza.

The only downside is that the days are a lot shorter than the middle of summer so it was practically dark when I got there.  It was still packed.

I rode my Sportster.

I had to hunt through the dark to find the interesting bikes.  Here's a raked out pan.

Of course some bikes are easier to find in the dark than others.

Here's a pair of bikes from the Heavy crew.

Lots of points and angles on this hardtail:

Check out this Norton chopper with coffin tank.

There were a couple of interesting mini bikes including this one...

... and this one with apes.

This Yamaha really stood out to me.  I like it but I would never have the patience for all the speed holes.  The owner is apparently really good with a drill.

The crowd was very large - the photos don't do it justice.  I headed over to The Joint afterwards and it was really busy as well.  We'll see if the weather can be as nice next month.  Sadly, I doubt it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going Retro in Wisconsin

On Sunday, while out riding and enjoying the beautiful weather, I stopped at one of my favorite places to take photos of my bikes, the old St.Croix Hilltop Drive-In (now drive-in church) in Houlton, WI.  I hadn't taken a set of photos of the Sporty there since swapping the headlight.  Here are some high-tech retro photo effects to complement the genuinely retro headlight.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ride Safe

Sunday was beautiful!  I rode I-94E out to the MN/WI border and took the St Croix Trail down to Prescott and kept going past Diamond Bluff along WI-35 to ride County Road O before heading back north.  Given the great weather, there were a ton of bikes out.  It was reminiscent of the Flood Run.

I rode County Road O all the way out to the Gas-Lite and turned around (I didn't stop at the Gas-Lite).  On my way back, I passed a biker coming the other way giving the "slow down" sign.  I assumed there must be a cop.  I was surprised there was anything unusual, particularly since I had just finished riding the road in the other direction.  I lowered my speed and soon saw some flashing lights so I assumed a cop pulled someone over.  Then I saw some sport bikes pulled over and assumed the whole group had been stopped.  I have seen groups of sportbikes fly down that road before.

I slowed way down and saw it was an accident, not a traffic stop.  A green sportbike was off the road and practically upside down while the rider (I assumed) was in the grass with his buddy helping to keep his neck straight.  His helmet was off and he appeared to be alive as I passed.  I didn't see any blood.  The group seemed to be wearing proper gear (leathers, full-face helmets, etc.), much better than the hoodie, jeans, and 3/4 helmet I was wearing.  After passing the scene, I saw an ambulance and two fire trucks pass me heading towards the accident.

What should have been a wonderful riding treat in terms of gorgeous October weather was quite the opposite for one guy and his group of friends.  I don't know if it was speed/recklessness, mechanical failure, wildlife (I have seen deer on that road a few times), loose gravel, or what caused the crash.  I just hope he's OK.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Things Come In Manila Packages

DicE Issue 40...

I love DicE's cover artwork.  This issue is no exception.  The texture used on the cover tricks your brain into thinking it's an actual tile mosaic when you touch it.
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