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Monday, February 11, 2019

Mama Tried 2018 - Part 3

More Flat Out Friday 2018 photos!!!  It was a fantastic experience taking photos from inside the track.

Thrills 'n' spills:


It really isn't Flat Out Friday without Rusty Butcher wheelies

A preview of things to come... yes, that's Larry the Enticer.

Kids race!

Intermission, featuring Evel Knievel vs. Mad Max.  I can't explain it and won't attempt to.


The zombie corpse of Evel Knievel, about to be sent back to the grave... of course:

Even the guy on the left can't believe what he's seeing... and he's in the show:

Back to the racing!

If you ain't slidin', you ain't tryin'


One more post from the racing to go and then I'll post a bunch from Mama Tried.
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