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Monday, December 18, 2017

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 1

Photos from the 2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show... posted in 2017???  I've fallen so far behind blogging that I'm now time traveling to get ahead.   In reality, the show just moved up due to Minneapolis hosting the Super Bowl this year.  The bike that caught my eye when I first walked in was this Indian with airplane sidecar.

Yes, it's ridiculous, but the craftsmanship is outstanding... some might say riveting.

Speaking of Indian, they had their drool-worthy FTR1200 on display.  Social media was quick to point out how I had confused this bike with their FTR750 and/or their actual race bike.  Oh well, I deleted the post.  Next time they should just put a sign on it.

Speaking of flat track, here's Harley's bike next to an Indian for green screen photos.  Was the Indian deliberately placed in front of the Harley for realism or was it just my camera angle?  Hmmmmm.

When I think flat track, I don't think BMW but check this out:

To wrap up the Indian bikes, here's a polished Scout (I appreciate all the polishing work, but still think the Scout's motor design is ugly).

Keino does incredible metalwork and this is his take on a Scout.  To me it looks like a superhero or a robot.

More photos tomorrow!
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