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Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 1

I attended the 2017 Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Saturday.  Here's a bunch of photos from the show starting with the Evel Twin.

Jordan's panhead and knucklehead:

Pete's panhead:

Bob's Evo:

As if Vincents weren't fast enough...

This bike looked like fun:

1948, 1949, & 1950 Harley Hummers in one bike.  I'm not sure if the bike has a name but I'm calling it the triple hummer.

Custom Victory:

Flat track Sporty:

Indian's flat trackin' Scout:


The satin finish on the Geico bike was so weird.  It didn't look like it was made of metal.  It almost looked 3D printed.

Speaking of 3D printing, there was a really cool 3D printed prototype of Harley's new Milwaukee Eight motor.

Here's a cutaway of the real thing.

Here's another example of 3D printing (not from Harley):

Roland Sands BMW:

The swingarm mounted fender was nicely done.

Another BMW.  This one has a scrambler feel.

Scramblers are popular right now.  Here's Ducati's:

...and here is scrambler art by Makoto Endo:

You know what else is popular?  Mini bikes... or maybe I'm just obsessed with them, I can't tell.

More photos from the show tomorrow!!!
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