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Friday, April 1, 2016

Rockers Spring Social 2014 - Part 1

For some reason (I don't remember), I posted photos from the 2015 Rockers Spring Social but never posted photos from 2014.  2014 was the 2nd year of the event.  If you love cafe racers, this is definitely the annual event in the Twin Cities to attend.  Here are some highlights:

As usual, the event is organized by Ton Up Minneapolis and takes place at Club Jager in Minneapolis.

Vmax with sidecar:

A few Harleys (including mine) snuck in the event.

Here are the handcrafted awards that would be handed out later:

On/Off Switch:

Love the exhaust.  I believe this bike would go onto to become CROIG001.

Lots of holes and dimples.  There's nothing lighter than a hole and dimples reduce drag.  It's science.

More bikes!

More photos tomorrow!
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