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Monday, April 4, 2016

Minneapolis Messaround 2015

The 10th (and final) Minneapolis Messaround was September 6, 2015 at Memory Lanes bowling alley.  It's primarily a car show but there were usually a few bikes there too.  It was always a fun one to attend.  Here are some highlights from 2015 starting with the cars:

This car was so clean, it didn't look functional, but it was:

This Studebaker had an interesting pin-up headliner:

Check out the car seats:

Live music was inside (a few lanes were blocked off for the stage):

In terms of bikes, here's the Minnow Bucket from Relic Kustoms:

Todd's Sportster before he spent the winter chopping it (it would go on to become the Wagon Burner):


Hope you got to experience the Minneapolis Messaround at least once!
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