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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chariots of the Gods 2015 - Part 4

Chariots of the Gods 2015 had some pretty awesome vans.  I love that people open their doors and let you look inside.  It's like looking inside someone's house and seeing their living room, den, or sometimes bedroom.

I think seeing this Tamiya Lunchbox re-sparked my interest in radio controlled cars.  That, and because I ended up selling my full-size van, I figured there's always room for an R/C van.  I built my very own Lunchbox over the winter and just need to finish the body.

As if the wall-to-wall shag carpet above wasn't enough, check out the incredible interior on this one.

Here's a more classic shaggin' wagon:

This van's interior was cool and there was a cover between the front seats where you could access the motor and even see the ground which would be pretty surreal while driving.

I'll wrap up with some pop-up camper vans that would look perfect in a national park.


This year's show is August 13, 2016 starting at noon and you can camp overnight.
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