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Monday, April 11, 2016

Chariots of the Gods 2015 - Part 3

Here are more custom vans from the 2015 Chariots of the Gods show.  Airbrushed murals are key.  "Ramblin' Fever":

Airbrushed cityscape plus porthole window:

Road Toad!  I love the stained glass windows.  Vanity license plates featuring the name of your van are a key accessory.

Case in point, Watermelon Pete was there selling parts (of course).  His van is cool but his plates are fantastic.  I love the handpainted dollar sign on the back and lightning bolt on the front.

This van belongs to CeeTee, another motorcycle guy who happens to be into vans.  It might not have an airbrushed mural on the side but it was hauling motorcycles and that's cool.

Another van with a bike in it was this rusty VW:

Nice old Dodge:

There were some vintage Winnebagos lined up along the fence.

People were just making themselves at home.

Coverage wraps up tomorrow and I saved some of the best for last.
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