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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gophers and Cheese's 6th Blogiversary

Gophers and Cheese is 6 years old today!!!

Sometimes it's amazing what a difference one year makes.  Since last year:
  • I've had 2 features on Chop Cult (soon to be 3)
  • Combined followers on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter have more-than-doubled
  • My photography continues to improve and I recently upgraded my camera, bought new lenses, and got a new cell phone
  • I bought my 3rd motorcycle (2003 XL883R)
  • I had my first (and hopefully last) motorcycle accident
  • I've received legit press passes to 2 big events
  • I bought a van
  • I sold the van
  • I helped promote the first-ever Moto Mania dirt track event
  • I started getting back into radio control cars
  • People continue to visit the blog even though blogs are supposedly dead

Gopher photo © Angela Stanton, used with permission.
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