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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 2

I thought Indian had one of the best displays at the 2016 Progressive IMS and it wasn't just because of the pin-up models (they certainly didn't hurt).  Indian had a good mix of stock and custom bikes on display and did a nice job showcasing both the nostalgia and the modern technology of the brand.  I own three Harleys and was pretty disappointed with Harley's display.  Last year was much better because Harley had the LiveWire on display and it was rideable... sort of (blog post here).

Roland Sands purpose-built an amazing Indian Scout for flat track racing.  It was one of my favorite bikes at the show (see more photos on his site here).  When I first saw the new Scout in 2014 (blog post here), I really didn't like it.  After seeing versions like this, the Scout is definitely growing on me.  This bike is cool.  I think ditching the stock seat, fenders, and speedo helped the aesthetics a lot.

While it was technically over at the Geico display, this Roland Sands Indian Chief was also very cool.

Here are two more custom Scouts at the Indian display:

I figure I'll bookend this post with the pin-up models because...well, because I can.

Come back for more photos from the show tomorrow!

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