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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 3

I watched Jason Britton, Ian Gaines, and Jay Stuntz put on a great show Friday and Saturday at the Minneapolis IMS.  My daughter was with me on Saturday and they were great, taking photos and signing autographs - really nice guys and fun to watch work.

Here's a bunch of photos from the two shows.  Jason was on the black bike...

...Ian was on the green bike...

...and Jay was MC'ing the event while riding a hoverboard (no, he didn't fall off and no, it didn't spontaneously burst into flames).

Here are a bunch of wheelies, stoppies, and assorted moves that I don't know the names of:

The "riding while dragging both feet off to the side" move was awesome.  I'm sure it has a cooler name.

They do a routine where Jason makes his bike bunny hop, sometimes multiple times in row (which is amazing) and then Ian tries but fails (humorously) to mimic him and looking very frustrated when he fails (just for show, I'm sure).

Another routine is where Jay sit on the floor with his legs spread.  Jason rides quickly towards him but stops.  Then he heads back across the floor to do it again.  Ian then sticks a bag on Jay's head as Jason rides even faster the second time and does a stoppie just inches from Jay's crotch as Ian pulls the bag away.  Jason seems to find the whole thing hilarious.  There's no way I would do this.

Full speed...

Jay is a brave dude.  Here he is in the middle of Jason and Ian as they ride wheelies around him.

Even the dismounts were awesome.

I'll showcase some of the custom bikes from the show tomorrow. Come on back!

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