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Monday, February 15, 2016

2015 Rochester Bike Show - Part 1

The Rochester Bike Show isn't happening this year which is a shame as I've enjoyed attending the last few years.  I didn't post photos from last year's show so I figure now is good time.  Here's a small section of the show floor.

I'll get to that Honda up front tomorrow but here are some shots of the blue Yamaha XS650 next to it.

1957 Panshovel:

Another 1957... this time a long Sportster chop.  I forget the story but I think the guy's kid(s) wrote Harley Davidson on the tank.  I don't think it was permanent.

1979 Sportster:

1955 Hummer Trike:

A pair of flatheads:

If you prefer more modern bikes, here's a 1993 Fatboy.

More photos tomorrow!

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