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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2014 Black Hills Moto-Camping-Fishing Adventure - Part 5

The next day was the best day of the trip (except for my damp boots).  Like a blessing in disguise, I lost the handle to my fishing reel so all I was going to do all day was ride, and ride I did.

I left my windshield in the tent so I could finally enjoy the breeze.

More buffalo!

I enjoyed the sights.

The real highlight of the day (and the trip) was riding Iron Mountain Road.  I had ridden it before but never when it was so open and deserted.  Without people in front of me, I could go at my own pace (which is to say "not slow").  I rode it back and forth 3 times in a row!!!  I've ridden the Tail of the Dragon (blog post here), which I believe is more technical but I find Iron Mountain Road to simply be more fun.  By the way, check out the gas prices in the first photo below.

Pigtail bridge!

I love how the tunnels frame Mount Rushmore.

Sadly, all good things must end and I had to pack up my campsite and head out if I was going to make it to the Badlands for sunset.

I'll wrap up tomorrow with the ride home.

1 comment:

Fescue said...

Cool pictures. And a nice travel piece. Need to see this stuff this time of year in the waning days of winter (I hope).

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