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Monday, February 22, 2016

2014 Black Hills Moto-Camping-Fishing Adventure - Part 3

There's something really nice about waking up in a tent at a very quiet, picturesque campground and fishing first thing in the morning before making a simple breakfast of oatmeal and campfire coffee.

The wet weather didn't stop me from enjoying roads that I love including Needles Highway.

Buffalo!  When I first experienced riding through a buffalo herd back during Sturgis 2007, I had a sort of nervous excitement and thought it was awesome.  Since then, I've ridden around buffalo a few more times and each time they freak me out more and more.  They are so big and so unafraid of people and vehicles.  They're still really cool though.

I went to Wind Cave National Park for the first time.  It was actually my first time in any cave.  After a quick tour outside, we headed into the cave (down a staircase, not through that hole).

Wind Cave is well-known for this "boxwork" formation.

Crazy Horse:

The weather cleared up briefly but that was about to change.

Storms roar through next.  Come back tomorrow.

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