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Monday, January 11, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 9

Kevin did some epic wheelies at Moto Mania.

He did fall once (not while performing a wheelie) but I think it's where someone left a hose running so the edge of the track got a little muddy and slippery.  It wasn't the only thing he crashed but I'll get to that later.  He got right up and kept going.

This one could be a postcard for the city of Owatonna with the water tower in the background.

Here's a photo of a photo being taken.  Joe from No.Style Productions took some AMAZING photos of this event.  A collection of his Moto Mania photos is here.  He's a true professional and a really nice guy.  I hope to take photos half as good as his one day.

More riding photos!

Random Jeep!

Uncle Charlie rippin' up the track in his van.

Scott and Reinhart taking a short break from abusing their bikes.

Come back tomorrow and see Jake try to climb a mountain.

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