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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 4

Andy (different Andy than the previous Andy) brought a 4-wheel UTV (a Polaris RZR 900 to be exact).  His wife Jamie works for Polaris so they get some sort of deal on them.  It sounded pretty good.

He was nice enough to take me for a few laps before letting me drive it.  All I can say is that thing is stupid-fun.  I was drifting through the corners and did a couple of donuts in the infield.  I think I even got 2 of the wheels off the ground.  Stupid fun.  Buy one.  Then buy me one.

Everyone who went for a ride or drove it had a blast.  The only downside was the huge dust cloud it kicked up behind it.  At some points during the day I rode behind it.  The only thing kicking up more dust were the Humvees.  The local car washes in Owatonna must have had record sales the next day.

Speaking of dust...  This happened (Hyundai owner and artist unknown).  Apparently riding motorbikes around a track all day with no rules turns grown men into 12 year old boys.

Don't stare at that.  Stare at Reinhart's kickstand-less Triumph instead.

More riding pics!

For reasons that I have been asked not to explain or show pictures of (consider a portion of this post redacted), my hat ended up on the track.  I thought Nick was going to run over it.

Thankfully it survived.

Over 100 photos down and just under 300 to go!

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