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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 3

One of the most amazing moments of Moto Mania was when one of the Humvees took to the track and blasted "Flight of the Valkyries" out of its loud speakers.  That's Dom holding the flag.

What was truly surreal about the moment was seeing Samantha and Andy riding around the track right next to it.

After kicking up a bunch of dust, the Humvee left the track.  More people kept showing up and heading out on the track for a few laps.

Speaking of the track, quite a few "surprises" were found.  We were lucky not to find these in our tires (or various body parts) the night before.  More chunks of sharp and/or rusted metal were found throughout the day.

Moto Mania wasn't just about the track.  It was about the infield too.  Ryan clearly didn't have to work too hard as Heavy Clothing tends to sell itself.

It was a great spot for photos with your bike too. I should probably start charging for these.

It was also the perfect place to practice your HDSALAB techniques.

4-wheel action is up next so keep checking back!

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