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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 15

After the sun went down, a full moon rose up over Moto Mania.  My bike was filthy.

A crowd gathered near the grandstand to watch bike games.

Jake and Andy:

The most fun game to watch was seeing how many people could ride a single bike.

Dan set up a projector to show movies but I'm not sure if anyone watched.  There was too much other stuff going on.

The highlight of the evening was the return of Josh.  Broken, battered, and sore, he returned to the track with his arm in a sling and was all smiles.

The party went well into the night but I ended up heading to bed relatively early.  I was exhausted.  The next morning I was one of the first ones up and snapped some photos of the sunrise.

The place was a mess.  I don't think there was a storm that night but it sure looked like a tornado went through.

I packed up and headed out.  Of course, I had to do one last lap, probably much to the annoyance of everyone still trying to sleep.

Moto Mania was awesome.  Photos can't fully do the event justice.  To help, videos are next.

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