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Friday, January 15, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 13

If you've been following the last 12 days of Moto Mania coverage closely, you will remember Kevin who climbed the flag pole and chugged a beer.  He also did quite a few wheelies on his Sportster (the one with the blue tank).  Well he's about the nicest crazy dude you're likely to meet.  This is him holding onto Charlie's van and getting pulled behind it for what seems like no good reason.

Here he is again flying around the track on a borrowed 4-wheeler.

I didn't see it happen, but somehow he crashed it and I heard it went up in the air and almost landed on him.  He broke the 4-wheeler but thankfully it didn't break him.
He got some first aid at the Heavy booth.

Of course, no ice pack is as healing as a hug from Dan.

Kevin crashed very shortly after Josh did.  Both Dan and Dom were both shaken up.  The emotions at this point were complex to say the least - shock, disbelief, guilt, feelings-of-responsibility, sadness, relief, happiness... all at once.  Oh yeah, and probably annoyance that I was still taking photos.

I walked with them as we went to get a look at Josh's bike.  All things considered, the damage didn't appear that bad.  I don't recall seeing any major damage but never heard if anything serious was found later.

While there were crashes (Josh, Kevin, Scott, at least one of the Andys, and probably a few others), the hashtag that was frequently used to describe the event was #noonedied.  The event continued on well into the night.  The good news was if you broke a part off your bike, you could buy more from this guy in the infield.  Based on the sign, he seems friendly.

Time to lighten the mood with... more riding photos!!!

The sun may be setting, but the photos are still coming.  More tomorrow!

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