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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 12

The sun continued to set, creeping lower and lower over Moto Mania.  Scott flying around the track on his Sportster was something to see.  He's busy building a proper flat-track bike over the winter (a Sportster, of course) and I can't wait to see it.

More riding photos!!!

Wait... What's that on the inner track?


The day wasn't all fun and games...

Dan's friend Josh (who can be seen riding his white Triumph in some of the photos above) lost control in the corner just past the grandstand and crashed.  While his bike hit the wall, he very thankfully didn't.  He was shaken up pretty bad, as was everyone around him. The tone of the event went very somber very quickly.

The mood lightened again once everyone realized Josh was OK.  "OK" being a loose definition as we came to find out he broke his collar bone, a few ribs, and "slightly" punctured one of his lungs.  Based on the picture below, you might question whether Dan might have done all that damage due to how hard he hugged him.

I'm not sure these guys really want to relive this particular moment through these photos, but you can't tell the full story of Moto Mania without the crashes, the pain, and the friendship.  I am so glad Josh was OK but the relief at the event was short-lived as it was soon followed by another crash.  More photos tomorrow.

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