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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 1

I was invited down to Owatonna the day before Moto Mania to help Dan with some setup and (hopefully) get a few laps in.  The 2003 XL883R I had bought for the primary purpose of this event was complete and ready to go.

The track was in great shape and not only was the small "enduro" track groomed, but the large oval was good to go as well!  You might remember my visit to the track back at the end of June (blog post and event details here).  A handful of people arrived early and after helping Dan, setting up our tents, and then grabbing dinner in town, we turned on the lights and hit the track.  You can't see the smile on my face because of my helmet, but I'm smiling ear to ear.

Andy was full throttle:

My camera is not good with fast action in low light but I promise this is Scott.

The track was rougher than it looked.  Thankfully one of the guys had a pickup and tied some fencing or something to the back to help smooth it out... at very high speed of course.

Here's a bunch of shots of my bike under the lights.

I don't remember who brought the Bacardi 151 that night but taking shots out of the bottle was a terrible idea.  I know I tipped over a 3-wheeler with Dan on the back among other stupid things.  Thankfully, my bike stayed parked once I started drinking.  Regardless, we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise over our campsite in the center of the track.

Dan's Sportster:

His velocity stack tried to rob a bank earlier in the week.

Dom's ironhead:

Scott's Sportster:

My Sportster (...notice a trend?):

Some non-Sportsters (I think these are Gabe and Erik's as they brought a trailer full of fun bikes):

This was the 3-wheeler I tipped over thanks to aggressive throttle and Dan's high center of gravity.  The king-queen seat on this made it that much more awesome.

This is the high-tech apparatus used to smooth the track the night before.

I think this is Erik making or fixing something we broke the previous evening with a grinder.  Either that or he was getting ready to clip his toenails in the most manly way possible.

Lots more photo-heavy blog posts from Moto Mania to come.  Check back daily!!!

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