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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Moto Mania - Part 17

Yes, this is (finally) my last post from Moto Mania (Moto Mania 1 / Moto Mania 2015).  It includes some photos I took with my phone along with photos taken by others.  First up are two photos that Joe (No.Style Productions) took of me:

Yes, I was wearing more gear than most.  It was hot but I didn't care.  My lack of experience on dirt and gravel meant the likelihood of me falling was high.  Thankfully, I stayed upright all day.
  • Biltwell helmet, goggles, & gloves
  • Alpinestars jacket & motocross boots
  • Aerostich pants

Here are some cell phone photos I took on the evening before Moto Mania:

Kevin Baas made this sign:


A toast to the fact this was really happening.  We all agreed that even if no one showed up the next day, it would still be a huge success:

If there was an award for most appropriate bike for Moto Mania, this 3-wheeler would have won.

Hold Fast Motors HQ:

Speaking of HFM, here's Andy repairing one of his bikes the next day:

This is a photo that Andy took of me riding:

Dan organized an amazing event.

He gave me this awesome award.  I think it was for miraculously finishing my bike on time (big thanks to Jared for that!).

He also took a few pictures of me:

Filthy selfie:


Panoramic of the morning after:

All packed up and ready to go:

It took a while to clean up the bike:

If all this looked like fun, mark your calendar for June 25th, 2016!!!

Moto Mania 2: The Big Deuce


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