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Friday, January 22, 2016

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 6

Mama Tried 2016 is right around the corner (2/19-2/21) so it's the perfect time to reminisce about last year's show.

"Wait a minute... Part 6???"
   "Yes, Part 6."
"Like the Bill Cosby movie Leonard Part 6 without parts 1-5?"
   "No, but I do like pudding pops."

I started to cover the Mama Tried Show on the blog last year but life got in the way and I didn't get around to finishing.  Parts 1-5 covered the pre-party on Feb 20th.  Here are links:

We now rejoin the Mama Tried coverage, already in progress...

I arrived at Mama Tried early and was one of the first few to enter the building.

Because I took a ridiculous number of photos (thousands), I am not going attempt to group them.  Similar to the Moto Mania blog posts over the last few weeks, I'm just going to post photos chronologically as I took them.  I have about 300 to share from the show itself.  I am still busy editing the after-party and ice-riding photos so that will likely result in a couple hundred more.  As such, sit back, relax and enjoy daily photo-heavy blogposts.

I knew there was a long line to get in and that the crowd would only build throughout the day so I remember my heart racing as I ran around the first floor snapping photos so I could run upstairs and do the same before the crowd made photo-taking too challenging.  The quality and diversity of the bikes on display was top-notch.

This bike was awesome out on the ice the following day.

Photos simply don't do this paint justice.  It was incredible.

Keep coming back daily for lots more photos from Mama Tried 2015!!!

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