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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flying Dutchman MC Flat Track - Sep 2015 - Part 1

The husband of the woman that I bought my 2003 Sportster from gave me this flyer for flat track races being held by the Flying Dutchmen Motorcycle Club.  I'm glad he did.  4 months later, I took my kids to the event last Sunday and it was really fun.

After a long drive to New Ulm (about 1 hr 45m from Minneapolis), we found the place.

The club grounds are situated in a nice wooded area.  They have barn-turned-clubhouse with food and drinks available for purchase inside.  There was a big fire pit outside too.

In addition to the flat track, there is a hill for hill climbs on site too.

Here's a view the track from the pits.  There were some bleachers set up next to the announcing stand.  The track is 1/4 mile and was very well groomed.  The dirt seemed to be packed quite tight (unlike Moto Mania) and almost appeared paved.  Where's the dust cloud???

Here are a couple of Harleys that I spotted in the pit area.

I liked the helpful reminders on the handlebar pad (Gas on?  No Brakes!):

The racing started at noon and there was a mix of motorcycles and ATVs (not at the same time, this wasn't Moto Mania).  Here are some shots of from the ATV racing:

Blurry shot, but you can see a few cones being taken out:

All different vehicle classes and age groups raced.  I think this kid was 5.  How cool is that?

Little kids were on motorcycles too:

Lots of photos of the motorcycle flat track races are up next!

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