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Friday, September 25, 2015

Flood Run - Fall 2015

This year was the 50th Annual Flood Run and the weather was excellent for both the Spring and Fall runs (click here for my blogpost from the Spring run).  In fact, if you re-read my post from Spring, Fall was practically a repeat, and that's a good thing.  Once again, we had our babysitter for the whole day so my wife and I got to enjoy the day by ourselves.

Instead of starting the day at Bob's, we had breakfast at the Downtowner in St. Paul.  Then we headed down the MN side and crossed into WI at Prescott but didn't stop until we got to Maiden Rock where we bought our wristbands.  Always buy a wristband!!!

Then, like last time, we hit a bunch of Wisconsin back roads just off WI-35 between Maiden Rock and Fountain City.  We once again found our way to Buckuckles.

We split a sandwich but also tried the albino eyeballs (deep fried bacon-wrapped cherries):

We also made our way over to Hansen's Hold-Up.

Just like last time, I took photos with the yelling mannequin...

...but unlike last time, she was experiencing some sort of wardrobe malfunction with her shorts.

We stopped at a few other places along the way and we were treated to a beautiful sunset as we headed back through Prescott.

Overall, we covered 330 miles, almost the exact same as Spring.  It was a great day and fun way to repeat the great day we had back in April.

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