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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Moto Mania Coverage Coming Soon

Moto Mania was incredible!!!  I am currently working on a feature for Chop Cult and after that I will start work on blog posts.  I took over 1,300 photos and after a first pass have it down to 400.  I need to take another pass or two and then get to editing.  That said, I already chose and edited 30 really good ones for Chop Cult so you can look forward to that along with a detailed write-up.

For now, enjoy this photo that Dan Raleigh took of me riding around the track during Moto Mania on Saturday.  HUGE thanks to Dan for organizing such an amazing event.

I posted a bunch of photos and video clips during the event on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter if you want to check those out (same content on all 3).

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