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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Busy Modifying The 883

Hopefully you've been keeping up to date on my Instagram or Facebook feeds.  It's been a really busy month.  I've attended Rumble on the Deck and Full Tilt and took hundreds of photos.  I also hung out at July's First Thursday / Moto Mania.  I'll post pics eventually.  What I've really been busy with is getting my new (to me) 2003 XL883R ready for the Moto Mania dirt track event on August 1st.

I bought this bike at the end of May and took it for a few rides before starting to tear it apart.  It's almost all done (for this year at least).  In the photo above taken in early June, it was pretty much how I bought it.

Here's what I've done since taking that photo (and why I've been too busy to blog):
  • Controls
    • Drilled & re-painted stock handlebars
    • Ran switch wires inside handlebars
    • Baxter grips
    • Black 5-hole levers
    • Black round mirror
    • Barnett throttle & idle cables
    • Speedometer trim ring (to-be-installed)
    • Biltwell mushman pegs (to-be-installed)
    • H-D billet shifter arm
  • Intake & Carb
    • Hammer Performance Impact air cleaner
    • Drag Specialties breather kit
    • New jets and needle in carb
    • Biltwell finned CV carb cover
    • Repainted the "ham can"
    • Replaced worn fuel & vacuum lines
  • Exhaust
    • Custom-made high pipes (work-in-progress)
  • Tires & Suspension
    • Duro Median HF904 (dual-sport) 16" rear
    • Bridgestone Trailwing TW39 (dual-sport) 19" front
    • Progressive Suspension 413 black 15.0" rear shocks
    • Progressive Suspension stock length fork springs up front with fresh fork oil
    • Painted front fork lowers black
    • Kijima 39mm black fork boots
  • Lighting
    • Laydown taillight
    • Rock guard on headlight
    • Drilled and repainted the headlight "eyebrow" and secured with pike bolts
    • Removed front & rear turn signals
  • Other
    • XR1000 timer cover
    • Removed chrome trim from rear fender struts
    • Removed front fender
    • Removed reflectors from front forks
    • Frame sliders to act as bungee nuts on rear struts (to-be-installed)
    • Swapped various crappy fasteners for socket heads
What does it all look like together???  The new pipes aren't done yet but so far the bike looks AWESOME.  The 15" rear shocks and dual-sport tires really transform the look of the bike into a scrambler / tracker and the high pipes will only enhance that look.  Blacking out many components really makes the flames pop too.  CTFS!

I'll post complete photos showing the result of all of these modifications soon.  Assuming the exhaust gets done this week (a friend is making it for me), you can see it in person early in the day at the Bearded Lady on Saturday.  If you miss it, you'll have to wait until Moto Mania in Owatonna.  I am so excited to ride it down some local gravel & dirt roads and I really can't wait to ride it around the track on 8/1!

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