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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moto Mania - June 2015

June felt late to attend my first First Thursday of the year but was glad the weather finally cooperated.  I rode my XL883R, which I'm currently referring to as the flame bike.  If you look close, it's in the background directly behind the two fuel bottles on the table.

Dan was showcasing a lot of donations for the Moto Mania dirt track event on August 1st.  Lowbrow Customs and Biltwell donated items among others.  I snagged a couple of posters.

There was a solid turnout.  Moto Mania at the VFW draws some of the chopper and garage custom crowd (with a heavy dose of Sportsters) that don't quite fit in around the corner at Dulono's Pizza.

This Sportster was missing a rear fender.  Apparently struts and a seat are all this guy needs.  Fenders are wasted weight.  They are also, as a wise man once (actually twice) wrote on a sticker (for sale here)... for pussies.

Here is Dan showing Andy his exhaust repair skills.

I give Dan a lot of crap but I like his Royal Enfield / Royal Enster / Royal Sportsfield.

Cory's Panhead:

Kevin's Sportster:

Here's one last look at Ryan's Sportster just days before he sold it. Seriously, the second I go out and buy a 2003 Sportster, he goes and sells his.  I guess I have to buy a cone shovel next to make them uncool too.  Maybe if I win the lottery I can afford to ruin knuckleheads for everyone as well.

Here's Bob's panhead.  Bob shaved his beard and I totally didn't recognize the guy because I've never seen him without it.  If you have a beard for a long time and shave it off, you should be required (or at least have the common courtesy) to wear a nametag for 6 months and that nametag should be at least 8x10" and include a photo of you with the beard.

The bike I was most excited to finally see in person was Scott's newly reinvented Sportster.  It looks amazing and very different from its previous incarnation.  Drew did a really nice job with the tank artwork too.

Cory, Jake, and the other Cory getting ready to go.  Beardless Bob is in the background.

Kevin (aka the birthday boy):

Dan thrilled his Enfield started:

I spent most of the evening at the VFW but wandered over to Dulono's briefly.  I'll post a few photos next.

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