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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 Oil & Ink Vintage Motorbike Print Exposition - Part 2

The 2015 Oil & Ink Vintage Motorbike Print Exposition drew primarily a cafe racer sort of crowd and Billy was busy promoting Ton-Up Minneapolis' Spring Social on May 30th.  I've attended the last few years and it's fun so check it out!

He seemed to find it amusing to introduce me to everyone he could.  That is... when he wasn't busy giving this guy some sort of bizarre hug / back massage.

A few crowds shots:

You might notice Jordan from Union Speed & Style in that last one.  The shot's pretty blurry, but here he is having fun 2-up on 2 wheels.

As for actual motorcycles, there were some cool ones.  I liked this Moto Guzzi owned by the guy Billy was awkwardly hugging earlier.

This Triumph looked nice and clean:

Another Moto Guzzi:

And yet another Italian, this time a Ducati:

Road rash:

Very cool Yamaha:

Out of everyone, these two seemed to having the most fun.

I ended up leaving just as thunderstorms rolled through Minneapolis. I got soaked for the first half of ride home until I got ahead (or maybe just to the side) of it.  Lots of lightning was flashing in the distance, which was pretty cool.  While I try to avoid riding in the rain, it actually feels nice every once in a while.

If you live in Paris, San Francisco, Ventura, Brooklyn, or Nashville, be sure to catch the Oil & Ink expo as it comes through!

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