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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 Oil & Ink Vintage Motorbike Print Exposition - Part 1

The 2015 Oil & Ink Vintage Motorbike Print Exposition was this past Saturday at Konawerks in N.E. Minneapolis.  This was the second year and it's an international traveling art exhibition.  I went last year but it was at a different location (click here for the blog post).

In spite of rain and thunderstorms all around the Twin Cities, I rode my Sportster to the show.

Konawerks is a barber shop and it was my first time inside.  They had prints hung all around the shop.  Each one was available unframed for $100 each.  They were really cool.  There was complimentary wine and a keg of beer.  Surly was on tap.  Don't let my opportunistic, crowd-avoiding photos fool you - the place was packed inside and out.

Just like last year, I really liked the pieces by Makoto Endo.  Last year the was a print of his Vincent painting and this year there was a Triton and the bikes from Easy Rider.

Photos of some of the bikes outside are next!

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