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Thursday, April 30, 2015

May 2015 Events

There are a few events worth noting this month.  This weekend is Vintage Torque Fest down in Iowa.  I've never been but the photos always look awesome.  I wish Dubuque was just a little closer to the Twin Cities.  Make the trip if you can.

Also this weekend and much closer to home is Dirty Rotten Bikerfest.  Free camping behind a bar sounds like fun to me.

Next week is First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza and the return of Moto Mania at the Uptown VFW.

On May 16th, you can check out the Oil & Ink Motorbike Print Expo at Konawerks.  I went last year (click here for blog post) and the prints on display (and available for sale) were really cool.

Then at the end of the month, Ton-Up Minneapolis will host their Rockers Spring Social.  I went the past two years and it's definitely worth checking out if you like cafe racers.  Embarrassingly, I still haven't posted my photos from last year (I am so behind!) but you can see my 2013 blog posts (and eventually 2014) by clicking here.

Lots of good options this month!

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