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Monday, February 23, 2015

Mama Tried and Mama Delivered

I spent the weekend in Milwaukee at the Mama Tried Show and it was an absolute blast!  Great bikes, great bands, and great people made the weekend something really special.  Here are a few souvenirs:

I saw the (P)ART exhibit at the museum and attended the pre-party on Friday, spent about 6 hours at the show on Saturday, went to one of the after-parties Saturday night, and then spent over 3 hours on a frozen lake watching ice riding on Sunday.  I took (no joke) over 2,000 photos in 3 days.  Due to the subject matter (concerts in low light, bike show with tons of people, and ice riding at high speed), many of the 2,000+ photos are crap.  However, I've taken a quick first pass through them and there are a bunch of gems in there that I can't wait to share.  I've been busy posting some on my Instagram page but that's just scratching the surface.

Keep checking back as the Mama Tried photos will be coming soon!

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