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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 2 - Harley-Davidson Museum

Darkness was descending upon the Harley-Davidson Museum Friday night and the sky had an eerie glow.  The start of the Mama Tried pre-party was drawing near.

I was hungry and got an awesome burger and beer.  You can't go wrong when there's bacon stuffed inside of and layered on top of your burger.  Also, when in Wisconsin... Spotted Cow.

After eating, I went back into the museum.  Like I said before, I visited last March.  It was nice to not feel rushed or feel like I had to see everything.  I just got to walk around and enjoy bits and pieces.

Here is just a small sampling of bikes including Scott Jones (Noise Cycles) Born Free 2014 build:

Randy Smith's "The Magnum":

A 1958 XLCH Sportster:

...and a 1977 XLCR-1000:

If you haven't been, the museum is set up beautifully and the exhibits are things you could get lost in for hours, if not days.  I highly recommend a visit.

Photos from the Mama Tried pre-party are next!

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