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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 I-Cycle Derby - Part 7

Well, now that you've seen photos of all the riders leaving Roy's Repair to embark on the 67th Annual I-Cycle Derby, how about some video?  I had my camera in my right hand capturing stills and my GoPro in my left hand simultaneously (and somewhat blindly) taking video.

Remember that this blog is one-man operation so it's not like there's a camera guy, a video guy, a photo editor, a video editor, a social media guy, a merchandise designer, and a website guy.  All those guys are me and I just do this for fun as a hobby.

I took a little footage while people were lining up and then I captured almost every rider leaving.  Unfortunately, I missed Rider #1 leaving (sorry), but I think he's in the video during the lineup.  All the rest, even the guy on the bicycle, are in my short video below.

That's all the footage I have but if you still can't get enough of the 2015 I-Cycle Derby, there was a lot of local news coverage on the event.
All the major TV news networks managed to get me in the background of their photos / video (see links above) but no one bothered to ask me for an interview.  Oh well, their loss.  I still feel famous.

Be sure to check out the 68th Annual I-Cycle Derby next year and, if you're brave/crazy enough, bring your bike!

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