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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 I-Cycle Derby - Part 6

Here are the rest of the riders from the 67th Annual I-Cycle Derby.

Rider #10:

Rider #11, complete with Santa hat:

Rider #12:

Rider #13, looking a lot like the Stig:

Rider #14.  This guy was my hero, riding the I-Cycle Derby on his Harley.

Rider #15:

Rider #16:

Derby crasher (not an official participant, but this guy was on 2 wheels so he needed his photo taken):

Rider #17:

I didn't stick around for the whole event.  The winners are listed over on Team Strange's site.  Rich Reid won for the 3rd year in a row.

After seeing all these guys out having a blast on a relatively warm January day, I'll admit I was kind of jealous.  Riding in January would have also fulfilled my quest to ride my motorcycle in all 12 months in Minnesota.  That said, I've dropped my Sportster on snow before (blog post here) and have no desire to repeat that experience.

But wait, I'm not done... I have one more thing to share... I'll post a short video from the event tomorrow.

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