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Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 I-Cycle Derby - Part 5

I did my best to take photos of every rider in the 2015 I-Cycle Derby.  If you're crazy enough to ride a motorcycle in Minneapolis on New Year's Day, you deserve it.  I counted 17 riders so I'll spread them over two posts.  Here we go!

Rider #1:

Rider #2:

Rider #3:

Rider #4:

Rider #5 (Jeff), with the only passenger of the day!  I think both were really excited.  Immediately off the line, the Ural pulled right and Jeff almost took out a camera guy and tripod but narrowly missed both.

I'd bet the ride in the sidecar was a blast!

Rider #6:

Rider #7:

Rider #8, also getting a little squirrely off the line:

Super-Rider #9, sporting a cape that matched his bike:

Photos of the rest of the pack are up next!

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