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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 I-Cycle Derby - Part 4

It was getting close to the start of the I-Cycle Derby on New Year's Day.

The riders had been briefed on the rules (see my last post).  Then they drew numbers to determine the order in which they would depart.  Each would be separated by about a minute.  Since the event was timed, it wasn't necessary to have everyone leave at once.  That also keeps the riders safer since they are spread out.

People put on their cold weather gear, warmed up their bikes, taped the first leg of the route to their tanks, and got their bikes into position.

Here you can see the riders all lined up ready for the derby to begin.

Even the MFD showed up for the start of the event.

The next two posts will show all the riders leaving.  If you participated in the ride, you should see a photo or two of yourself.

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