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Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 I-Cycle Derby - Part 2

My friend Jeff was the only guy to show up to the 2015 I-Cycle Derby with a passenger.  Here they are arriving.

After he warmed up a bit, here he is sporting a bright red Russian hat to go with his Russian bike.  The tape isn't holding his jacket together - it's for attaching the route map to his bike.

A Ural seems like it would be the perfect bike for an event like this.  He gave me a quick ride in the sidecar at the Bearded Lady (yeah, I know those pics are WAY overdue).  It was really fun (some might say "super fun") and that pretty much explains his license plate.

Here they are getting ready to ride.

And here's a rare shot of me in a photo, just before the run began.  By the way, you can buy your very own Gophers and Cheese T-shirt, like the one you see me wearing here, in the Cheese Shop.  You know you want one.

Bikes lined up and ready to ride???  I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's jump back to the rider briefing, which is up next.

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