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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Calendar of Events

I updated the calendar with local events in 2016.  As always, this is a heavily edited list as there are tons of other gatherings and rides that happen throughout the year.  I provide links to other sites with more comprehensive lists if you're interested in those.  First up in 2016, as always, is the I-Cycle Derby happening THIS FRIDAY, January 1st.

I went for the first time last year (to watch, not ride).  I think those who ride the event on 2 wheels are crazy (and awesome) but if I owned a bike with a sidecar I would strongly consider participating.  Even if you don't participate, it's fun to watch.  Check out my photos and video from last year here.

The ride starts at 10:31am at Roy's Repair and will cover about 50 miles over 3 hours (split between a morning run and an afternoon run).  It's a timed event but not a race.  Racing around on snowy/icy public roads would be stupid (but maybe a little awesome).  The winner is the rider who finishes closest to the goaled average speed per leg.  Many more details are on the event's Facebook page and on the Team Strange website.  Proceeds support Eddie's Road.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Belated Christmas!

When it comes to blogging, I am perpetually behind.  Merry (Belated) Christmas!!!

The blog's not dead... yet.  I have a ridiculous amount of photos from 2015 that I still want to post so I suppose that's one thing a Minnesota winter is good for.  The other thing it's good for is bike building.

For anyone reading this, get to work on your winter projects because I want to see some mind-blowing stuff in 2016.  This means you Scott, Shrek, Eric, Charlie, Todd, Rachel, and everyone else busy in their garage posting progress pics on Instagram.  2015 was the year of the Sportster and 2016 is shaping up to be a repeat.  It's going to be a great year!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flying Dutchman MC Flat Track - Sep 2015 - Part 2

Here are more photos from the Flying Dutchmen Motorcycle Club flat track races!

Between Moto Mania in August (photos coming soon!) and watching flat track in September, I REALLY want to ride around a dirt oval right about now.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flying Dutchman MC Flat Track - Sep 2015 - Part 1

The husband of the woman that I bought my 2003 Sportster from gave me this flyer for flat track races being held by the Flying Dutchmen Motorcycle Club.  I'm glad he did.  4 months later, I took my kids to the event last Sunday and it was really fun.

After a long drive to New Ulm (about 1 hr 45m from Minneapolis), we found the place.

The club grounds are situated in a nice wooded area.  They have barn-turned-clubhouse with food and drinks available for purchase inside.  There was a big fire pit outside too.

In addition to the flat track, there is a hill for hill climbs on site too.

Here's a view the track from the pits.  There were some bleachers set up next to the announcing stand.  The track is 1/4 mile and was very well groomed.  The dirt seemed to be packed quite tight (unlike Moto Mania) and almost appeared paved.  Where's the dust cloud???

Here are a couple of Harleys that I spotted in the pit area.

I liked the helpful reminders on the handlebar pad (Gas on?  No Brakes!):

The racing started at noon and there was a mix of motorcycles and ATVs (not at the same time, this wasn't Moto Mania).  Here are some shots of from the ATV racing:

Blurry shot, but you can see a few cones being taken out:

All different vehicle classes and age groups raced.  I think this kid was 5.  How cool is that?

Little kids were on motorcycles too:

Lots of photos of the motorcycle flat track races are up next!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Flood Run - Fall 2015

This year was the 50th Annual Flood Run and the weather was excellent for both the Spring and Fall runs (click here for my blogpost from the Spring run).  In fact, if you re-read my post from Spring, Fall was practically a repeat, and that's a good thing.  Once again, we had our babysitter for the whole day so my wife and I got to enjoy the day by ourselves.

Instead of starting the day at Bob's, we had breakfast at the Downtowner in St. Paul.  Then we headed down the MN side and crossed into WI at Prescott but didn't stop until we got to Maiden Rock where we bought our wristbands.  Always buy a wristband!!!

Then, like last time, we hit a bunch of Wisconsin back roads just off WI-35 between Maiden Rock and Fountain City.  We once again found our way to Buckuckles.

We split a sandwich but also tried the albino eyeballs (deep fried bacon-wrapped cherries):

We also made our way over to Hansen's Hold-Up.

Just like last time, I took photos with the yelling mannequin...

...but unlike last time, she was experiencing some sort of wardrobe malfunction with her shorts.

We stopped at a few other places along the way and we were treated to a beautiful sunset as we headed back through Prescott.

Overall, we covered 330 miles, almost the exact same as Spring.  It was a great day and fun way to repeat the great day we had back in April.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 2015 Events

Here are some hand-picked local events worth checking out this month.  Of course, tonight is bike night with First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza and Moto Mania at the VFW. (click for blog posts: Dulono's and VFW)

If you want to check out a hillclimb, the Valley Springs Motorcycle Club is hosting one in Bay City, WI on Sunday, 9/6.  I went last year and it's pretty fun to watch (click for blog posts).

The 10th (and final) Minneapolis Messaround is also this Sunday 9/6.  It's mostly cars (very cool ones) but there are usually a few bikes there too (click for blog posts)

The 25th Annual SCVR Chili Feed is Friday & Saturday nights 9/11-9/12.  This is one big party.  It's been a few years since I've attended but it's a good time (click for blog posts).  The admission may seem a little expensive at first but you get free camping, all-you-can-drink beer & all-you-can-eat chili on Saturday, live music, and the money supports the SCVR so it's actually a really good deal.

The 6th Annual Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show is Saturday 9/12.  This is usually a favorite of mine (click for blog posts) but unfortunately I won't be able to attend this year.

September 19th has a TON of good events to choose from.  First up is the 50th Annual Fall Flood Run (NEW STARTING LOCATION!).  I've attended many times over the years and it's incredible how many bikes it draws (click for blog posts).

9/19 is also the 5th Annual Konawerks Bike Show.  It's a fun show for a good cause (click for blog posts).

As if those weren't two really good options, there is a third.  The Flying Dutchman Motorcycle Club is hosting flat track racing 9/19 and 9/20 down in New Ulm, MN.  I've never been to this but ever since Moto Mania, I've wanted to see real flat track in person.  New Ulm is a cool little town and it's home to Schell's Brewery.

Still not enough options?  How about another hillclimb?  This one is organized by the Indianhead Motorcycle Club and takes place in Red Wing on both 9/19 and 9/20, right along the Flood Run.  I haven't been to this particular venue before but hillclimbs are cool.

Still not enough variety for you???  The Moto Collective and CROIG is hosting a motorcycle scavenger hunt called The Great Escape!!!  This sounds like it could be pretty fun if you want to try something different.  Don't forget to pre-register!

What?  You haven't checked out The Moto Collective yet?  Well don't miss 4th Friday bike night on 9/25 (click for blog posts).

I haven't heard whether there will be a Scooter Trash 5 at the end of the month but I'll keep you posted (click for blog posts).  I still need to post photos from last year!  I am so behind...  As I've said many times, bloggin' ain't easy.
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