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Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show - Part 1

The 5th Annual Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show was held yesterday at the Bass Lake Cheese Factory in Somerset, WI.  It was my 4th consecutive year attending the show and I really like this one because I usually bring the family (they follow in the car).  Also, what's not to like about the combination of cheese, beer, and motorcycles?  It was a chilly morning but the sun was shining and it warmed up in the afternoon.

I rode my Sportster and was bummed that I couldn't enter it in the show as it didn't fit in ANY of the available categories.  In each of the previous 3 years, I entered and won trophies in the Sportster and Mild H-D classes (whichever was available).  My rear fender section is much-improved over last year.  Would I have taken home a 4th trophy?  We'll never know.

If there was a Sportster category, Kevin's and Ryan's could have given me a run.

Kevin's new blue tank looks great and his bike has a great lean.

The tank Spencer hand painted looks awesome on Ryan's.

Here's a shot of Kevin, Ryan, and one of the two Corys leaving.

This panhead belongs to the other Cory.  I met him on the Ride for Larry Pierce.  The Yamaha is his friend's.  They were camping in case you're curious where all the mud came from.

More bikes and a few 4-wheeled vehicles are next!

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