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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ride For Larry Pierce (Twin Cities, MN) - Part 1

Jordan from Union Speed and Style organized a local Ride for Larry Pierce for anyone in the Twin Cities that wanted to join in.  The ride started at Tavern on the Avenue in St. Paul and I rode my Sportster.

Larry, of Garage Company Customs passed away earlier this year after an ATV crash.  I didn't know Larry but a ton of people in the motorcycle (particularly chopper) community did.  He was so well loved that people around the country organized rides on August 9th to celebrate his life.  Here is a great video of him that was done prior to Born Free.

Here are some of the bikes that gathered in St. Paul.

Zac's Evo:

Kevin's Sporty:

Andy's Sporty:

Show Class Issue One points cover:

This beautiful panhead used to belong to the owner's grandfather.

A little after 11am, we headed out through Minneapolis towards Monticello.

After a brief stop for gas...

...we made it to Jordan's shop and met up with more people.

Jordan and his brother Jesse gave everyone details about the ride that would take us down lots of backroads and ultimately end up at Jesse's farm.

Riding pics are up next!

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