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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gopher and Cheese + GoPro = YouTube

After the Ride for Larry Pierce last weekend, I concluded that riding one-handed and trying to take photos with my old Canon Elph just wasn't cutting it.  I've been thinking about buying a GoPro camera for a while and finally decided to get one along with a few accessories.  The thing is incredibly small and light.

I took my first ride with the GoPro last night around sunset.  Half the time I had it strapped to my chest and half the time it was mounted to my bars facing me.  I'm really impressed with the camera.  The free app and free editing software they offer are quite good too.  However, my computer is showing its age as editing (even viewing) 1080p, 60fps video is quite challenging for it.  Regardless, I dealt with it and made it work.

I started a Gophers and Cheese YouTube channel where I'll be posting videos and I posted 2 already:

While my aging computer might struggle to play the video full screen and in high quality, I watched the YouTube clips on my television via my Apple TV and the video looked fantastic - smooth playback in high-definition.

Here are some sunset photos (from my iPhone, not the GoPro):

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