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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rumble on the Deck 2014

This past Thursday was my 5th consecutive year attending Ma Rad's Rumble on the Deck in Stillwater.  This year was the 19th Annual.  I didn't stay as long as prior years so I'm just going to throw all the photos I did take into one long post.  I rode my Sportster and left after work.  Traffic and road construction sucked but I was happy to finally arrive.

As usual, there was a wide variety of bikes on the deck and in the parking lot.  This is a shot before it got really busy.  It was a hot and humid evening.

Yes, you're seeing double:

Yamaha 650:

Vintage Indian Chief:

Baggers were well-represented (some might argue "over-represented" at a chopper show):

There was a small but really good assortment of panheads this year.

Speaking of panheads, Watermelon Pete brought his panhead that he built for Born Free 6 to the show.  I snapped a few photos in the parking lot and got a few more after he had it situated on the deck.  Flying Weasel did an incredible job with the paint.  In my opinion, it was the best bike at the show by far.

I really should have entered my Sporty this year as this was the only bike I saw entered in the Sportster class (no offense to the owner).

There was a cool ironhead in the parking lot.

Walking around the parking lot, I saw a few more interesting bikes.  I really liked this bike's clean front end and foot clutch / hand shift combo.

Hardtailed evo:

Dirty shovel:

Another Sportster:

Tom Rad always puts on a good show and I'll be looking forward to the Extra Sharp show on September 13th.  That one is a much smaller show but a lot of fun.

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